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We have collectible Vintage Toys from 1970`s 1980`s and 90’s. We specialize in GI Joes, Transformers, He-Man and TMNT and lot of other military action figures. He have a huge selection of TV and movie related action figures and Hot Wheel & Matchbox diecast cars! We are looking to buy old Action Figure Toys and Hot Wheel Redline cars.

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CAM01344 Snow Mobile – Power Team Elite – World Peacekeepers - Here is an arctic themed playset.  Here we get an action figure in winter camos,  The figure doesn’t come with a hat or helmet which I find odd.   Here is another dog to add to your collection.  You also get a machine gun, ice pick, snow shoes and what I found to be a […]
CAM01446 Soaring Eagle Action Figure from Sheriff Solar Toy Line by Diamond Toymakers 1986 - Galactic Gunfighters and Alien Outlaws Here we have the figure Soaring Eagle. This figure has an image of him MOC available, so I know this figure is complete and with the correct weapon and accessory. The weapon is called a Lazer Lasso.  The lasso moves through the body of the weapon This figure looks real cool […]
CAM01339 Campfire – Power Team Elite – World Peacekeepers - Here is a smaller campfire set.  This set has 1 action figure with machine gun, a lean-to with actual fabric material, a bed roll, campfire with tea pot and cooking pot.
CAM01338 Navy Kayak – Power Team Elite – World Peacekeepers - This is a water themed set.  In includes an action figure in a wetsuit, with a machine gun, a kayak and oar, a scuba rebreather, swim fins, camera and life jacket.