We have collectible Vintage Toys from 1970`s 1980`s and 90′s. We specialize in GI Joes, Transformers, He-Man and TMNT and lot of other military action figures. He have a huge selection of TV and movie related action figures and Hot Wheel & Matchbox diecast cars! We are looking to buy old Action Figure Toys and Hot Wheel Redline cars.

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Western Star New Lanard Horse Play Equestrian Set uses WOW Action Girl Figures - Lanard is reusing a couple of the old WOW action Girls figures for a new line of girl playsets. Called Horse Play- Beautiful Breeds and Loyal Steeds Equestrian Set from 2013 Like other Lanard playsets, it comes with a nice assortment of accessories. It uses the original Equestrian rider Abbey Lipton in the British Champion set and since the old Wildlife […]
CAM01083 Bravo Mission Die Cast Action Figures- Knockoffs - Bravo Mission action figures are Die Cast body 3 3/4″ action figures.  The figures aren\’t named.  There is no year or manufacturer information on them.  I do have one card with Pic n Save price tag printed right on to the card so it was a low priced toy line. Each figure comes with a […]
National Defense National Defense – Military Action Figures – Galoob Knock Offs - This is another set of action figures that used Galoob’s Gen Patch molds.  Reading elsewhere it is said that these are made by Remco and they used Galoobs molds to keep costs down. See my Galoob Knock off page for many example of different toy lines using the Galoob molds.  http://www.phryztoys.com/knock-offs
CAM01071 American Defense Accessory Packs 1 and 2 – Kmart Brand - Kmart offered a line of action figures called American Defense to cash in on Gi Joe heydays of the 80′s.   The Kmart brand which was also recarded as the National Defense line of toys that are not branded.  Every figure from every toyline needs more accessories, these knockoff brands are no exception,  Here are a couple […]